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Traveling on the Toll Roads

To use any of the toll roads in Fort Bend County a vehicle must have a valid electronic toll tag issued by any one of the toll agencies in Texas. These include:

How do Toll Violations Occur?

A motorist driving on the toll roads without one of the electronic toll tags mentioned above may be issued a citation for “Failure to Pay Toll”.  When a vehicle passes through a toll plaza without a valid electronic toll tag, photographs of the license plates are taken to identify the vehicle. The registered owner of the vehicle will receive a Toll Violation Notice by first class mail.  If you do not have an electronic toll tag and accidentally travel the road, you may call the Violation Payment Center at (855) 999-2024. Future travel will require a toll tag.

How Much Can a Violation Cost?

How to Avoid Toll Violations

Did you receive a new credit card because the old one expired? Was your credit card stolen or compromised? Make sure to update your electronic toll tag account to reflect your new credit card information.  These toll agencies include:

Did you receive new license plates for an existing vehicle? Did you purchase a new vehicle? Make sure your electronic toll tag account has current license plate information.
Did you recently purchase a used vehicle from another individual? Verify with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that the previous owner transferred the title to you. Make sure the DMV has your correct address.
Make sure your electronic toll tag is active and your account is in good standing with a valid credit card or debit card associated with the account.

More Information

For detailed information on all Fort Bend County Toll Roads, plaza locations and toll rates, visit the links below: