Hurricane Evacuation Routes

The Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority cooperates and is actively involved with all of the other transportation agencies in the region to assist in the safe evacuation of residents should the need arise.

If the Fort Bend County Judge determines that our region is in imminent danger from a hurricane or other natural disaster he may declare an emergency. If an emergency is declared for Fort Bend County, Harris County, Galveston County or Brazoria County and residents of low lying areas are urged to evacuate, all tolls on toll roads operated by the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority will be waived. Tolls may be waived for some period following a natural disaster as well. Tolling would resume when the Judge has determined that the conditions in the region have returned to near normal.

In addition to waiving the tolls during an evacuation the Authority, in cooperation with HCTRA and TxDOT may determine that certain segments of some of the tollways will be used as evacuation lanes. This would mean all lanes of the road would be used to move traffic in a single direction.


Law Enforcement Information & Contacts


The Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority designates particular law enforcement agencies to patrol the toll roads to maintain a safe environment for motorist. These officers also assit the Authority with toll enforcement. Currently the Authority has designated four agencies to assist with law enforcement duties on the toll roads:

All Three Toll Roads

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

(281) 341-4704

Fort Bend Parkway

Fort Bend County Precinct 2 Constables Office

(281) 403-8010

Westpark Tollway

Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constables Office

(281) 238-1430

Grand Parkway

Fort Bend County Precinct 4 Constables Office

(281) 242-4014

Reporting a Problem on the Road


If you observe a situation or condition that might be an immediate danger to the traveling public please call 911 immediately and report the problem. The 911 operator will contact the appropriate personnel.

To report non-emergency conditions or concerns, or if you would like to report an item of concern regarding maintenance of the roadway please email the following information to or call (832) 735-7385.

  • Date and time you observed the problem
  • Brief description of the problem
  • Location of the problem including:
  • Road
  • Nearest cross street
  • Direction of travel (northbound / southbound)
  • Lane (inside / outside)
  • Preferred contact method in case follow up information is needed